NOAA manipulates Climate data and NMFS manipulates Red Snapper population data could there be a link!

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From 2007 until today the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) a division of NOAA have stated that there have been over fishing by American recreational Sport fishermen causing a reduction in fish populations in many species of fish in the Gulf of Mexico and oceans around the coast of the US. The data they use is from wide reaching estimates that are far from the actual data!  They take every person with a salt water fishing license and a boat licensed and determine that everyone of  those people fish every day of the fishing season and catch the limit every day to total the fish caught.  Then they say that since the commercial fishermen that only catch their allotted quotas are fishing responsibly and those that are recreational fishing are being hogs and over-fishing the resource.  For your information Commercial fishermen are in the agriculture sector of the NAICS codes as a food producer and their catch is measured by the pound as it is sold to the processing houses for restaurants.

NOAA manages the NMFS and if they allow their scientist to manipulate the climate and global warming data then why would it matter if NMFS manipulated the fish count as long as it met the political agenda of the liberals and animal rights activists supporting their leftist causes.  Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has even gone on Red Snapper fishing trips with the biologist from NMFS.  Senator Sessions has proven in legislative inquiry that the reason for the reduction in Red Snapper population count was because the biologists in the NMFS have taken their counts from mud flats and not from reefs where Red Snapper are commonly found.  The recreation fishing season length had been reduced from 180 days down to a 9 day season and that reduction was based on data that was not accurately acquired it was misrepresented in their findings as an over fishing problem by recreational sport fishermen.   Just this exposure alone should cause the American Sportfishing Association and the other organizations to scream from their high post in Washington, DC and use every resource at their disposal to fight this action.  Instead they argue with their own data and an estimate of the industry and state tourism economic losses but without proper NAICS coding the actual economic impact is invisible!  Don’t get me wrong these people fought a small fight but they only got the season raised from a proposed 2 day recreational season to a 9 day recreational season. That was some victory when the reduction was from 180 days 7 years prior to a 2 day proposed then they gained a whopping 7 days more.  Just the economic losses in the state of Alabama was tremendous and to the charter guides that had their livelihoods completely taken away and some even committed suicide because of having two issues causing them to lose their incomes and then they could not provide for their families.  These season length reductions were paired with the BP oil spill and those two events back to back destroyed a way of life for many people in the guide business.

Pictured above is our friend and supporter Bryan Crosswhite, founder of 2AO, and members of the board of Sportsman’s Rights Organization catching Red Snapper on a Gulf of Mexico fishing trip.  We wanted to take a trip that was to serve as a test to see if we could move to several spots known for catching Red Snapper and catch any of the fish that the NMFS says are low in population count and to see what our costs were.  After several hours of fishing and catching nothing but large Red Snapper, Brian catches a lone Trigger Fish that some how manages to sneak through the large quantities of Red Snapper to bite his hook.  We spent a day on the water and we were only able to catch Red Snapper on any reef we went to because there were so many Red Snapper no other fish could get to the hooks in the water.  We were not able to keep any of them because season was not it so we went home without any fish in the box because all we could catch was Red Snapper.  If this had been in previous years when the normal season would have been in just a couple of years ago and the box would have been full.  We calculated our expenses for the trip and found that we had spent a total of $1000 in fuel, bait, food, beverages and ice.  The Marina owner said that their business was down by nearly 100,000 vessels serviced that year.  It does not take a rocket scientist or an accountant to see that the revenues for that one marina were down nearly $1,000,000 dollars!

If the management of NOAA will manipulate climate data for ill gotten gains of funding and grants to promote their agenda, then it makes perfect sense that the NMFS management would manipulate their data to restrict fishermen and Charter guides to get us off the water and stop fishing!  Guys if you don’t already know their liberal agenda is simple…Stop all Hunting, Fishing and Shooting activities in the US , period end of story!  We lose rights and access to land each year from over regulation and restrictions without an economic leg to stand on!  We will continue to lose and businesses suffer and families suffer all at the hands of people with an agenda against the good of the common man if we do not take the steps to make the changes in DC to correct this coding issue and make all of our revenues visible so we have an economic voice to stand on along with the millions of sportsmen who love the great outdoors!

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