NRA Endorsed Best Concealment Method for Sportsmen In History!!

Let me clarify this…The NRA has not endorsed a new camo or hunting concealment method.  They have, however, endorsed the fact that the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting industry is completely hidden inside the current NAICS codes! By not supporting the change proposal this action keeps every dollar spent by sportsmen on hunting, fishing and shooting, every job supported by those dollars and every business receiving those dollars in the Outdoor Trade industry invisible from anyone that has ever tried to find it.

Yes the NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF have tried to put lipstick on a pig by taking the details of an existing survey putting it in pretty glossy booklets and reports.  The USFW uses this process to do a survey every 5 years to justify their budgets but the NRA does not have some magical ability to see the actual economic impact of the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting industry!  The data is currently invisible in the economic accounting system called NAICS and until it is corrected we lose rights and have regulations imposed without being able to see the economic impact of those restrictive regulations.

I know, I know I keep saying this!  Well I am saying it in hopes that some of you will get your head out of the clouds and quit listening to the so called experts and take a short venture and look for yourself.  If not one state or federal congress or senate cannot see the outdoor trade industry how is it that you think that the NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF can!  The fact is they CANNOT!

Take a look at this copy of the NAICS coding page.  What you are looking at is the code sets that the Bureau of Economic Analysis run their data from and like the codes 713990 that is titled “All other amusement and entertainment” yes that is a miscellaneous category for the Amusement and Entertainment industry code.  So when the outdoor trade businesses are blended in a code that says “All Other” it means that you can only see the totals of all of those industry items and uses the average data from that total.  So Nudist Camps and Putt Putt golf are the same as Shooting ranges, Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays Ranges, Archery Ranges and hunting and fishing guide services!  This code has over 100 various industries listed in it and every Outdoor Trade industry listed in there is CONCEALED inside!Just to be clear below is the actual code set of 713990.

The same is true for every other manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer in the Outdoor Trade Industry!  If you want me to show you your code set or explain more just ask.  But ask yourself this question.  When 2400 people looked at one of my last post from my contacts on Linked in not one of those Industry professionals made a contradiction to my findings.  Not one made a comment, Not one clicked like or shared it!  So I ask you this question. Do you believe that the NRA, NSSF, CSF and ASA know a good reason to keep the codes CONCEALED from everyone that the other major industries in the US don’t?  Do you think I have wasted the time to learn the ways of the only system that documents every industry in our nation economic system!   This is the only system where congress can see the economic impact of the Outdoor Trade or any other industry that choses to take the steps to defines their NAICS coding so it can be seen and protected properly!  There are more people working in the firearms industry than the automotive industry from what one article recently said.  The answer is yes that is probably true but the automotive unions have chosen to document those industries properly so their jobs can be seen and protected like was done with the automotive bailout.  forget whether you think it should have been bailed out or not for one second.  How did they know the industry was failing?  They could see the economic numbers of the industry falling over a period of time.  If they could see the Outdoor Trade Industry jobs, businesses and their economic impact there would be more support against frivolous regulations and season changes.  So are you in support of changing the NAICS codes or do you think being CONCEALED from everyone is working for us so far!!!




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