The 2nd Amendment Fight & Outdoor Trade Businesses Kept In The Dark By Using 5 Year Old Surveys


Gun Manufacturers, Wholesalers and retailers have a common denominator and it is their customers and this is easy to comprehend!  Those customers and their ability to purchase firearms is vital to their existence as businesses.  So lets call this firearms economics and their bottom line depends on the customer but you cannot see their customer’s economic impact!


Recently, I commented on an article that said the firearms industry employs more people than the automotive industry!  I believe this is a very possible fact and however to find out for sure you have to ASK EACH AND EVERY ONE of the firearms manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and shooting instructors and tally the total jobs to find out how many employees are supported by the firearms industry.  This is a monumental task as anyone would see because you cannot find those businesses and the number of their employees in any database! You cannot see the thousands of private instructors or firearms professionals because the data is completely hidden.  Now on the other hand you can ask the President, any congressman, senator, or state governor the total number of employees that are in the automotive industry and they can find the employee data for the automotive industry inside the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reports where they use the NAICS data for their searches.

Now ask yourself why the smaller industry’s employee base can be seen and the larger employer base cannot!

This is a sad but true statement, but how can this be true!  .  The smaller employment base of the automotive industry can be seen because their industry leaders, organizations and unions had the wisdom and took the time to define their industry properly inside the NAICS system!  They did not rely on some cubicle jockey in DC that does not know their industry to place their businesses in whatever category the jockey felt was right at the time! NO, they took their industry, outlined and defined them in the proper way to make sure they covered everyone from the wheel and tire manufacturers to the automobile companies!  They knew how the NAICS system works, what it is used for in DC and how to use it to protect their Industry, Jobs and the Revenues their businesses generate!   The NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF keep the Outdoor Trade businesses in the dark by using a 5 year old USFW survey that uses a data set that is too small to be accurate in any case. It is the Outdoor Trade industry that is behind the learning curve to have our industry documented properly in the NAICS to see our employees, revenues and businesses as an economic force to be reckoned with in the nation!  By being able to use the huge benefits of having well defined NAICS, is not some scary thing, it is the actual way every well organized industry functions and is able to be viewed by the economic data searchers in the state and federal governments.

Take the US Department of Agriculture for example.  THE USDA will not let the Census Bureau manage the agriculture  NAICS codes because they do not want the DC cubical jockey that knows nothing about the Ag industry to combine things together or place them in the wrong code set that could hurt the Agriculture Industry’s ability to defend it’s assets against the  anti’s!  For example, Corn Farming has one code number 111150 and one agriculture practice int that code…Corn Farming!  That is it Corn Farming!  It is not combined with Nudist Camps, Putt Putt Golf, Pool Halls and Ping Pong parlors as Shooting Ranges, Hunting Guides, Fishing Guides and Archery Ranges are!   This is not just me whining that I lost my hunting hunting lodge and everything I own and the charter guide services whining that they lost their incomes from hurricane Katrina or the BP oil spill or the recreational fishermen that lost days to fish for Red Snapper from restricted fishing seasons!  This is about the economic impact of every sportsman and sportswoman and their economic contribution to the nation.  This is about American jobs and businesses being completely eliminated by regulations and they can never been seen disappear! This is about rural Americans losing a source of income that will never return!  If you want to see the aftermath go to the old famed waterfowl hunting areas of Sumner, Missouri, Oscar, Kentucky, Horseshoe Lake Illinois and the still famous but not as duck happy area of Stuttgart, Arkansas! Yes you can still hunt in those areas and kill some waterfowl but the booming small towns and businesses that supported those tourists are pretty much ghost towns now with the exception of Stuttgart, Arkansas! Stuttgart is still a booming waterfowl hunting area but it is no where near the quality of years gone by and why is that management changes and regulations!

This is about leveling the playing field for Outdoor Trade business owners in the eyes of potential investors, bankers, SBA, State Departments of Economic Development, insurance companies, healthcare, and being viewed as hard working contributing Americans and not someone making a few bucks from a hobby in their back yards!!!  It is time to wake up while we still have a fighting chance to make a change and turn around this downward spiral while the liberals are still worried about losing the election and not focusing on eliminating another segment of our industry quietly while we are hiding in the woods waiting on that huge buck, in a blind after that next duck or on the water and Moby Dick!!!  It is time the Sportsmen, Sportswomen and the industry all wake up, combine forces and take a close look at this issue to make the long overdue corrections to the NAICS system and not just have tunnel vision for the second amendment! Without Sportsmen and Sportswomen there is no indsutry and with every hunting season restriction or fishing season restriction or discourgaed hunter or fishermen or shooter the indsutry fails a little at a time! So don’t forget the thousands of businesses and millions of sportsmen that make the industry what it is!  Make Being a Sportsman Great Again!  Make Rural America Great Again! this will all help to Make America Great Again!

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