Undocumented Workers in the Outdoor Trade!!! How can this happen?


There are millions of undocumented workers in the Outdoor Trade.  The corruption is so big they don’t want you to be able to see it!!! The outdoor industry’s leaders lack of action keeps it hidden and vulnerable to attacks!  Those jobs feed millions of hard working families and are a jeopardy of being lost every year! The NRA, NSSF, ASA, CSF stood arm and arm with the Obama administration and currently stand with the left wing activists by refusing to do anything about this issue when it is so simple to correct!


I am not talking about illegal aliens or undocumented illegals! I am talking about the jobs that hard working Americans have in the Outdoor Trade!

Have you ever seen a report from the department of commerce about the revenues generated from the Outdoor Trade?  …….NO!

Have you ever seen a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that says how many jobs are supported from the Outdoor Trade or the revenues and taxes generated from the Outdoor Trade? …….NO!

Have you ever heard congress talk about a government generated report that detailed the economic impact of a hunting, fishing or shooting sports regulation change or reduction? …..NO!

Have you ever hear the congress speak of government report speaking of the jobs impacted by a gun control proposal or potential ban?  …….NO!

Have you ever heard the news talk about a government report speaking of this industry and how big it is or how many jobs it supports? …..NO!

Actually these reports could be generated Annually!!!

The reason they are hidden is because the only reports that come from this industry that tout it’s 90 billion dollar economic impact are SURVEYS that use 3/100ths of 1 % of the more than 37 million sportsmen the USFW says Hunt and Fish! Don’t take my word for it read the fine print of the survey yourself and do the math!


Yes that is not a TYPO that is three one hundredths of one percent of the sportsmen participating in hunting and fishing activities in the US!  In simple terms that means the data from 99.97% of the sportsmen is not known!!! This leaves out the people that target shoot and that train dogs and the many other things that are not summed up by hunting and fishing!

These surveys are used because they CANNOT see one JOB supported by the Outdoor Trade!!!!

They CANNOT see one BUSINESS supported by the Outdoor Trade!!!!

They CANNOT see one DOLLAR spent by the SPORTSMEN in the Outdoor Trade!!!!

But you have heard them speak of the Housing market, auto industry, agriculture, power generation and oil and gas industry! The Obama administration even separated out the Coal fired Power plants from the gas fired power plants in the coding to see what impact eliminating the coal industry would have on the economy!  The reason the Outdoor Trade is not spoken of is because it is hidden inside the government’s economic accounting system called NAICS and these other major industries in the US have worked with the ECPC on the NAICS coding to define their industries inside the NAICS system and our industry super powers refuse to do the same!  You might ask yourself why this is so!!!  Yes there has been a law signed by President Obama that says the industry will be recognized by the government as a contributor to the gross domestic product of the nation. You know that this could have been done in 2007, 2014 and can be changed and then be documented this year in the 2017 change period if the NRA, NSSF, ASA, and the CSF would just get their heads out of their political posteriors and support the documenting of every job, every business and making the revenues and taxes generated from the Outdoor Trade Industry visible to the public and the government agencies!

When I present this information to congressmen and senators on both side of the isle they all agree 100% this needs done so the governors and law makers in each state can see the economic benefits of the Outdoor Trade to their states but our own industry giants won’t support it! WHY???

Sportsmen our seasons and regulations are changed and manipulated every year in one way or another and we are dying a slow death because of these changes!   We are facing a hidden battle with the liberals and their activism against us if we don’t get our jobs, businesses and economic contributions documented soon we will just be another industry that died a slow death and the sportsmen will continue lose traditions and sporting opportunities!!  If you don’t believe me ask the old timers what the hay days were like!  Some of us remember the hay days because we started hunting and fishing when we were very young and now have seen the demise of our traditions but most never studied the reason why and the management of the lands is done different from days gone by and why have we all been letting them get away with those bad decisions!

There have been many organizations started to protect the various species of wildlife and many anti’s support conservation activities that on the surface don’t look bad but when they pose their ideas to the law makers or biologists we lose! If we don’t protect the sportsmen in a way that takes care of our traditions the anti’s will convince the law makers that their ideas are great because they are all done in the name of conservation, when the end result and desire is taking sportsmen off the land and the waters and destroying an industry and a way of life that feeds millions each year!

I ask you this one question will you agree to partner with me and SportsmansRights.org and OutdoorTrade.org to take a proactive stance against the anti’s???  This battle is also against some of the established industry leaders that don’t want these jobs, businesses and the revenues generated by the millions of sportsmen each year visible to the public and the law makers?  If we don’t take a stand today tomorrow will be another day that the anti’s legislate against us!!! Just ask the Canada Goose hunting lodges and hunters of the eighties, the fishermen that once fished the Dry Tortugas off of Key West Florida, the Red Snapper fishermen in the gulf, and the waterfowl hunters across the four flyways in the US.  The list goes on and on!!  Yes, they still hunt and yes, they still fish but not like it once was because of the changes made in the false name of conservation or to save a species that was not in need of saving but they claimed it anyway to reduce a season or change a hunting management practice!

If you are with us in the battle please send me an email or contact me to share your issues and experiences and show your support!  We know how to fix this problem but it will take us banning together in a grass roots effort to get it done!

Scott Drummond



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