Hunting Issues


Who do you call, right now, to help you fight against and will stop the law and regulation changes that come from the game and fish agencies or generated from activist groups???


How is that working for you so far?

Have you ever heard the statement, “you should have seen it back in the hay day”?  Maybe you have seen pictures from the old days or read books about how the waterfowl hunting once was.  Well I am just old enough to have seen and lived through some of the changes that have crippled the waterfowl industry in places of the country that you only read about now instead of getting to benefit from the pleasures we once experienced.  The sad part of this is that the animal rights activist have sued the government at times and in other cases the wildlife managers that came from wildlife biologist from universities and not from the land management mindset of days gone by.  So now we are dealing with wildlife managers that have a textbook knowledge or mentality and not a hands on experienced management ability.

What this means is that when those wildlife biologist do their studies they are not sportsmen or outdoors people they are scientist and their studies don’t always match what the environment actually does or the wildlife actually responds to.  One example of this is how they changed the feeding practices of the waterfowl on wildlife management areas.  They have taken the agricultural crops that produced high protein content food for the waterfowl and replaced it with what they term “moist soil units” or weed seeds as we will call them.  This caused the issue in many cities and golf courses have to deal with is “resident” Canada Goose populations.  When the migrating waterfowl came south for the winter and the food they were accustomed to getting with high caloric content was eliminated they naturally knew they did not have the  fat content to survive the return migration flight thus created the spread across the nation of “resident” geese.  This cause the recreational hunter to have to severely change how and where they hunted and bankrupted an entire sector of outdoor trade businesses. What the result was is the populations of waterfowl were no longer congregating in their breeding grounds and the light geese overtook their breeding grounds and destroyed more acres of tundra.

The Fight that never happened

The many waterfowl conservation organizations stood against some of this but the end result was they agree with the new management programs because the government/USDA would fund large wetlands projects to these non profits with Moist soil units for food across the US so they join this movement.




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