Salt Water Sport Fishing



Recreational Salt Water Sport Fishing is under attack just ask anyone from coast to coast!!!

It began over 7 years ago as a battle between poised between the Commercial Fishing (Food Suppliers) and the Recreational Salt Water Sport Fishermen by the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service).

The Red Snapper were being over fished based on calculations and fish sizes.  Then a regulation changes were given and the 180 Day Season went to just 9 days in a 7 year period of time.  It has been proven the conservation data was taken wrong but the season was not lengthened.  The scientific data was derived from the wrong locations and then interpreted wrong and decision were made that bankrupted businesses and change the economic landscape of entire regions of the gulf coast.  Recreational sport fishermen caught the brunt end of the season length when the Commercial fishermen got the lighter side of the argument by using their economic strength.  The commercial fishermen that provide Red Snapper to the seafood industry have records and data to support their catch and their economic data.  The one thing that caused the Recreational SPort Fishermen to lose the battle they were in with the NMFS was no economic data was available to show how many people fished and what times and what they spent and what their economic effect on the communities where the docks were or where the fishermen were departing from.  So when the reports came out that recreational fishermen were over-fishing the reefs for Red Snapper the commercial fishermen were mad that they were taking the fish that provided the living that fed their families.  This then caused the NMFS to have a series of meeting to find a solution using bad data and angry opponents. So the end result was a proposed 2 day Federal fishing season after much debate and lawsuits they agreed on a whopping 9 days.  Now you have people that operate charter boats and take the public fishing have lost

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