Undocumented Workers in the Outdoor Trade!!! How can this happen?


There are millions of undocumented workers in the Outdoor Trade.  The corruption is so big they don’t want you to be able to see it!!! The outdoor industry’s leaders lack of action keeps it hidden and vulnerable to attacks!  Those jobs feed millions of hard working families and are a jeopardy of being lost every year! The NRA, NSSF, ASA, CSF stood arm and arm with the Obama administration and currently stand with the left wing activists by refusing to do anything about this issue when it is so simple to correct!


I am not talking about illegal aliens or undocumented illegals! I am talking about the jobs that hard working Americans have in the Outdoor Trade!

Have you ever seen a report from the department of commerce about the revenues generated from the Outdoor Trade?  …….NO!

Have you ever seen a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that says how many jobs are supported from the Outdoor Trade or the revenues and taxes generated from the Outdoor Trade? …….NO!

Have you ever heard congress talk about a government generated report that detailed the economic impact of a hunting, fishing or shooting sports regulation change or reduction? …..NO!

Have you ever hear the congress speak of government report speaking of the jobs impacted by a gun control proposal or potential ban?  …….NO!

Have you ever heard the news talk about a government report speaking of this industry and how big it is or how many jobs it supports? …..NO!

Actually these reports could be generated Annually!!!

The reason they are hidden is because the only reports that come from this industry that tout it’s 90 billion dollar economic impact are SURVEYS that use 3/100ths of 1 % of the more than 37 million sportsmen the USFW says Hunt and Fish! Don’t take my word for it read the fine print of the survey yourself and do the math!


Yes that is not a TYPO that is three one hundredths of one percent of the sportsmen participating in hunting and fishing activities in the US!  In simple terms that means the data from 99.97% of the sportsmen is not known!!! This leaves out the people that target shoot and that train dogs and the many other things that are not summed up by hunting and fishing!

These surveys are used because they CANNOT see one JOB supported by the Outdoor Trade!!!!

They CANNOT see one BUSINESS supported by the Outdoor Trade!!!!

They CANNOT see one DOLLAR spent by the SPORTSMEN in the Outdoor Trade!!!!

But you have heard them speak of the Housing market, auto industry, agriculture, power generation and oil and gas industry! The Obama administration even separated out the Coal fired Power plants from the gas fired power plants in the coding to see what impact eliminating the coal industry would have on the economy!  The reason the Outdoor Trade is not spoken of is because it is hidden inside the government’s economic accounting system called NAICS and these other major industries in the US have worked with the ECPC on the NAICS coding to define their industries inside the NAICS system and our industry super powers refuse to do the same!  You might ask yourself why this is so!!!  Yes there has been a law signed by President Obama that says the industry will be recognized by the government as a contributor to the gross domestic product of the nation. You know that this could have been done in 2007, 2014 and can be changed and then be documented this year in the 2017 change period if the NRA, NSSF, ASA, and the CSF would just get their heads out of their political posteriors and support the documenting of every job, every business and making the revenues and taxes generated from the Outdoor Trade Industry visible to the public and the government agencies!

When I present this information to congressmen and senators on both side of the isle they all agree 100% this needs done so the governors and law makers in each state can see the economic benefits of the Outdoor Trade to their states but our own industry giants won’t support it! WHY???

Sportsmen our seasons and regulations are changed and manipulated every year in one way or another and we are dying a slow death because of these changes!   We are facing a hidden battle with the liberals and their activism against us if we don’t get our jobs, businesses and economic contributions documented soon we will just be another industry that died a slow death and the sportsmen will continue lose traditions and sporting opportunities!!  If you don’t believe me ask the old timers what the hay days were like!  Some of us remember the hay days because we started hunting and fishing when we were very young and now have seen the demise of our traditions but most never studied the reason why and the management of the lands is done different from days gone by and why have we all been letting them get away with those bad decisions!

There have been many organizations started to protect the various species of wildlife and many anti’s support conservation activities that on the surface don’t look bad but when they pose their ideas to the law makers or biologists we lose! If we don’t protect the sportsmen in a way that takes care of our traditions the anti’s will convince the law makers that their ideas are great because they are all done in the name of conservation, when the end result and desire is taking sportsmen off the land and the waters and destroying an industry and a way of life that feeds millions each year!

I ask you this one question will you agree to partner with me and and to take a proactive stance against the anti’s???  This battle is also against some of the established industry leaders that don’t want these jobs, businesses and the revenues generated by the millions of sportsmen each year visible to the public and the law makers?  If we don’t take a stand today tomorrow will be another day that the anti’s legislate against us!!! Just ask the Canada Goose hunting lodges and hunters of the eighties, the fishermen that once fished the Dry Tortugas off of Key West Florida, the Red Snapper fishermen in the gulf, and the waterfowl hunters across the four flyways in the US.  The list goes on and on!!  Yes, they still hunt and yes, they still fish but not like it once was because of the changes made in the false name of conservation or to save a species that was not in need of saving but they claimed it anyway to reduce a season or change a hunting management practice!

If you are with us in the battle please send me an email or contact me to share your issues and experiences and show your support!  We know how to fix this problem but it will take us banning together in a grass roots effort to get it done!

Scott Drummond

The 2nd Amendment Fight & Outdoor Trade Businesses Kept In The Dark By Using 5 Year Old Surveys


Gun Manufacturers, Wholesalers and retailers have a common denominator and it is their customers and this is easy to comprehend!  Those customers and their ability to purchase firearms is vital to their existence as businesses.  So lets call this firearms economics and their bottom line depends on the customer but you cannot see their customer’s economic impact!


Recently, I commented on an article that said the firearms industry employs more people than the automotive industry!  I believe this is a very possible fact and however to find out for sure you have to ASK EACH AND EVERY ONE of the firearms manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and shooting instructors and tally the total jobs to find out how many employees are supported by the firearms industry.  This is a monumental task as anyone would see because you cannot find those businesses and the number of their employees in any database! You cannot see the thousands of private instructors or firearms professionals because the data is completely hidden.  Now on the other hand you can ask the President, any congressman, senator, or state governor the total number of employees that are in the automotive industry and they can find the employee data for the automotive industry inside the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reports where they use the NAICS data for their searches.

Now ask yourself why the smaller industry’s employee base can be seen and the larger employer base cannot!

This is a sad but true statement, but how can this be true!  .  The smaller employment base of the automotive industry can be seen because their industry leaders, organizations and unions had the wisdom and took the time to define their industry properly inside the NAICS system!  They did not rely on some cubicle jockey in DC that does not know their industry to place their businesses in whatever category the jockey felt was right at the time! NO, they took their industry, outlined and defined them in the proper way to make sure they covered everyone from the wheel and tire manufacturers to the automobile companies!  They knew how the NAICS system works, what it is used for in DC and how to use it to protect their Industry, Jobs and the Revenues their businesses generate!   The NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF keep the Outdoor Trade businesses in the dark by using a 5 year old USFW survey that uses a data set that is too small to be accurate in any case. It is the Outdoor Trade industry that is behind the learning curve to have our industry documented properly in the NAICS to see our employees, revenues and businesses as an economic force to be reckoned with in the nation!  By being able to use the huge benefits of having well defined NAICS, is not some scary thing, it is the actual way every well organized industry functions and is able to be viewed by the economic data searchers in the state and federal governments.

Take the US Department of Agriculture for example.  THE USDA will not let the Census Bureau manage the agriculture  NAICS codes because they do not want the DC cubical jockey that knows nothing about the Ag industry to combine things together or place them in the wrong code set that could hurt the Agriculture Industry’s ability to defend it’s assets against the  anti’s!  For example, Corn Farming has one code number 111150 and one agriculture practice int that code…Corn Farming!  That is it Corn Farming!  It is not combined with Nudist Camps, Putt Putt Golf, Pool Halls and Ping Pong parlors as Shooting Ranges, Hunting Guides, Fishing Guides and Archery Ranges are!   This is not just me whining that I lost my hunting hunting lodge and everything I own and the charter guide services whining that they lost their incomes from hurricane Katrina or the BP oil spill or the recreational fishermen that lost days to fish for Red Snapper from restricted fishing seasons!  This is about the economic impact of every sportsman and sportswoman and their economic contribution to the nation.  This is about American jobs and businesses being completely eliminated by regulations and they can never been seen disappear! This is about rural Americans losing a source of income that will never return!  If you want to see the aftermath go to the old famed waterfowl hunting areas of Sumner, Missouri, Oscar, Kentucky, Horseshoe Lake Illinois and the still famous but not as duck happy area of Stuttgart, Arkansas! Yes you can still hunt in those areas and kill some waterfowl but the booming small towns and businesses that supported those tourists are pretty much ghost towns now with the exception of Stuttgart, Arkansas! Stuttgart is still a booming waterfowl hunting area but it is no where near the quality of years gone by and why is that management changes and regulations!

This is about leveling the playing field for Outdoor Trade business owners in the eyes of potential investors, bankers, SBA, State Departments of Economic Development, insurance companies, healthcare, and being viewed as hard working contributing Americans and not someone making a few bucks from a hobby in their back yards!!!  It is time to wake up while we still have a fighting chance to make a change and turn around this downward spiral while the liberals are still worried about losing the election and not focusing on eliminating another segment of our industry quietly while we are hiding in the woods waiting on that huge buck, in a blind after that next duck or on the water and Moby Dick!!!  It is time the Sportsmen, Sportswomen and the industry all wake up, combine forces and take a close look at this issue to make the long overdue corrections to the NAICS system and not just have tunnel vision for the second amendment! Without Sportsmen and Sportswomen there is no indsutry and with every hunting season restriction or fishing season restriction or discourgaed hunter or fishermen or shooter the indsutry fails a little at a time! So don’t forget the thousands of businesses and millions of sportsmen that make the industry what it is!  Make Being a Sportsman Great Again!  Make Rural America Great Again! this will all help to Make America Great Again!

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation Stands with the liberals and Against Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus’ Co-Chair Congressman Robert Latta!!

CSF President, Jeff Crane sided against documenting the money spent by the Sportsmen and sided with his funding donors and partners, the NRA, NSSF and ASA!

Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Co- Chair Congressman Robert Latta wrote a letter supporting the necessary changes needed to officially document the jobs, revenue and businesses in the Outdoor industry. This action would finally document the money spent by sportsmen with the retail businesses of their choosing and prove their economic strength.


In a phone conversation with me Jeff Crane finally admitted why he would not support Outdoor Trade’s proposal to change the NAICS coding.  After years of trying to get him to even return my phone call he finally answered when I called.  Mr. Crane stated that he likes the idea of documenting every dollar spent by the sportsmen and that it would be good for the outdoor related businesses but he could not agree to support something in front of the NRA, NSSF and ASA.  Now explain to me how the Congressional SPORTSMEN’S Foundation has to do what is best for the NRA and NSSF and not what is best for the Sportsmen by giving them more strength to defend their rights to Hunt, Fish and Shoot!  The answer is simple.  Money if Jefff Crane gets in front of the NRA they could pull back some of the funding they provide to the CSF. So the strong arm of the NRA again takes steps against the sportsmen.  Yes they do some good works for the sportsmen and help defend some major issues nationally while outdoor trade businesses struggle and fail locally under new regulation and season length changes that are devastating to the the sportsmen and the local economies across the country.

Changing the NAICS codes is a very simple thing to get done and the new changes will have huge benefits for Sportsmen and Sportswomen across the United States!  If the industry powerhouses of the CSF, NRA, NSSF and ASA would not oppose the one change that would document the existence of every Outdoor Trade business, Job and dollar generated in the US economic accounting system!  Just think of it this way, if a liberal left congressman, senator or animal rights activists proposes shortening a season in the name of conservation what argument do you actually have?

Can you call your congressman and tell them the number of jobs that are supported by the industry in his state with documented proof?  NO!

Can you call the NRA or CSF for every action in your state?  NO!

If it is not a national issue they don’t seem to want to fight those small battles! Just ask the recreational Red Snapper fishermen in the gulf who lost 95% of their season under the watchful eyes of the ASA, NSSF, CSF and NRA!  The Recreational sportsmen tried to fight it without any factual data to prove their claims!

The game and fish almost always side with the preservation and conservation thought process and not the economic impact.  Yes if there is a true conservation issue then there is not a sportsman alive that would not want to conserve the species and support that same cause.  However when the Red Snapper is so easy to catch in their natural habitat and the numbers of fish were misreported by the NMFS.  Over the years the Game and Fish agencies have changed season lengths, limits, dates and start/stop times and that has had detrimental impacts on wildlife and fish populations and activities the Sportsmen and Sportswomen enjoy every year.

So I ask you this who is it that supports the outdoor industry professional yet they do not support the sportsmen and sportswomen that provide the revenues for the salaries and businesses to operate yearly or in the seasonal times where so many small towns and rural areas of the US use the season income to survive!  If you allow a season length to be shortened you reduce the local incomes by the same percentage and the ripple effect of that income is also reduced by the same amounts!

There are millions of sportsmen across the country that spend their hard earned money for hunting, fishing and shooting gear from stores all across this great land.  That produces a need for manufacturers, and wholesalers to provide the products needed to refill those shelves.  So I ask you again to explain to me why the NRA, NSSF, CSF, SCI  and ASA have all opposed the correction to the NAICS coding so that the industry and its jobs can properly be seen.

NRA Endorsed Best Concealment Method for Sportsmen In History!!

Let me clarify this…The NRA has not endorsed a new camo or hunting concealment method.  They have, however, endorsed the fact that the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting industry is completely hidden inside the current NAICS codes! By not supporting the change proposal this action keeps every dollar spent by sportsmen on hunting, fishing and shooting, every job supported by those dollars and every business receiving those dollars in the Outdoor Trade industry invisible from anyone that has ever tried to find it.

Yes the NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF have tried to put lipstick on a pig by taking the details of an existing survey putting it in pretty glossy booklets and reports.  The USFW uses this process to do a survey every 5 years to justify their budgets but the NRA does not have some magical ability to see the actual economic impact of the Hunting, Fishing and Shooting industry!  The data is currently invisible in the economic accounting system called NAICS and until it is corrected we lose rights and have regulations imposed without being able to see the economic impact of those restrictive regulations.

I know, I know I keep saying this!  Well I am saying it in hopes that some of you will get your head out of the clouds and quit listening to the so called experts and take a short venture and look for yourself.  If not one state or federal congress or senate cannot see the outdoor trade industry how is it that you think that the NRA, NSSF, ASA and CSF can!  The fact is they CANNOT!

Take a look at this copy of the NAICS coding page.  What you are looking at is the code sets that the Bureau of Economic Analysis run their data from and like the codes 713990 that is titled “All other amusement and entertainment” yes that is a miscellaneous category for the Amusement and Entertainment industry code.  So when the outdoor trade businesses are blended in a code that says “All Other” it means that you can only see the totals of all of those industry items and uses the average data from that total.  So Nudist Camps and Putt Putt golf are the same as Shooting ranges, Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays Ranges, Archery Ranges and hunting and fishing guide services!  This code has over 100 various industries listed in it and every Outdoor Trade industry listed in there is CONCEALED inside!Just to be clear below is the actual code set of 713990.

The same is true for every other manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer in the Outdoor Trade Industry!  If you want me to show you your code set or explain more just ask.  But ask yourself this question.  When 2400 people looked at one of my last post from my contacts on Linked in not one of those Industry professionals made a contradiction to my findings.  Not one made a comment, Not one clicked like or shared it!  So I ask you this question. Do you believe that the NRA, NSSF, CSF and ASA know a good reason to keep the codes CONCEALED from everyone that the other major industries in the US don’t?  Do you think I have wasted the time to learn the ways of the only system that documents every industry in our nation economic system!   This is the only system where congress can see the economic impact of the Outdoor Trade or any other industry that choses to take the steps to defines their NAICS coding so it can be seen and protected properly!  There are more people working in the firearms industry than the automotive industry from what one article recently said.  The answer is yes that is probably true but the automotive unions have chosen to document those industries properly so their jobs can be seen and protected like was done with the automotive bailout.  forget whether you think it should have been bailed out or not for one second.  How did they know the industry was failing?  They could see the economic numbers of the industry falling over a period of time.  If they could see the Outdoor Trade Industry jobs, businesses and their economic impact there would be more support against frivolous regulations and season changes.  So are you in support of changing the NAICS codes or do you think being CONCEALED from everyone is working for us so far!!!




NAGR, GOA, NRA, NSSF CSF and ASA are all combined in NAICS code 813319 with gun control groups!



Here is the link then search the code numbers here or anything you want to TRY to See!!!

It does not stop there all of the conservation organizations are also combined with the animal rights and environmental organizations!  If you will notice the conservation groups and the animal rights organizations as well as the simple but restrictive term preservation organizations.  This should make DU, Delta Waterfowl, NWTF, Pheasants Forever and every other conservation group cringe unless they are animal rights groups as well!


When you look into the NAICS system you see many many code sets like this one but there are some that just actually make you want to say…REALLY???

Gun Smiths are in Household Goods and repair. There are a few in this category that could easily be in the outdoor trade.  Outboard motor repair, Boat Maintenance and Repair, Motorboat Maintenance.  Let’s not forget Phil Robertson if he has to sell his Duck Calls in Walmart as musical instruments then Phil, Jase and Willie have to also e in “Tuning and Repair of Musical instruments” which is also in this code.  See folks these codes were originally designed to monitor and maintain the health of the economy of the nation.  I believe that the people that managed the codes over the years as industry grew and grew got lazy and just instead of creating a new code when a new industry came into being they just put them in the catch all of “All Other” or into existing blended codes!


Gun Safe Manufacturing is in

332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing. The title says it all….”All Other” because they have never been told where to organize these industry activities so the cubical jockey in DC just puts them where they think they should go.  So until we take action and organize our industry codes properly we will always be looked at as a hobby and not a real industry making real contributions to this great nation!!!

Now lets take a look at what this code 332999 includes.  It is impossible to see the revenue from gun safe manufacturers like Liberty Safes and the many others out there when every business in this code puts money into the same bucket you cannot see which company contributed what amount it is in a Blended code MAKING THE GUN SAFE INDUSTRY COMPLETELY INVISIBLE!!!  Like very other segment of the Outdoor Trade industry!!!!


I still cannot believe why NRA, NSSF and CSF,  three of the main and the largest organizations in the Outdoor Trade industry cannot see the benefit of having our industry documented and visible!  This would enable all Americans and the governor of each state and every law maker in this great land to see the contribution we make to the nations economy without having to dig for the data!  It would be at their fingertips in the one system designed to produce the data yearly.  This will also benefit all of us when we get attacked by the anti’s (who don’t produce any revenue for the nation) the general public and the congressmen and senators fighting for our causes can see we are not a bunch of hairy unwashed people that we are actually very talented, wise business people supported by millions of hard working American sportsmen and Sportswomen! We are people that truly love and want to take care of the great outdoors!

By remaining invisible we allow about 10 million people, with their sole purpose to take us down, to be able take advantage of the 145 million people that enjoy the great outdoors each year!  This industry in most arenas is virtually unnoticed unless you live in the parts of the country that hunting, fishing and Shooting take place or if you are employed in this industry!  Share this with your friends and ask them this question.

Did you know that every dollar generated, job supported and business in operation is invisible in the government’s economic accounting system called NAICS!

This means, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Breitbart and the hosts of other news outlets never try to defend the economics of the outdoor Trade because there are none to visibly defend in the normal systems they use to see other industries in the US!!  Now just think about that for a little bit….Unless we keep reminding them they cannot see the industry economic impact without us telling them every day but with NAICS it is in the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reports just like the Housing Market reports we get every quarter!


Scott Drummond


NRA, NSSF, CSF and SCI stood aside while Obama Admin REJECTED proposal to document the Outdoor Trade’s economic impact on the Nation!!!

After seeing President Trump in his press conference on Thursday I can see where he would support these NAICS coding changes for the Outdoor Trade industry because it just makes perfect business sense to do it!!!  It is not political it is simply good economics and give Him the ability to monitor a very sensitive balance between regulation and !  The President manages the OMB which Manages the NAICS codes…We must get his attention to help change them during this new 2017 ECPC open change period?

In 2014, after hearing how the NRA, NSSF, CSF and SCI all have not taken my findings seriously Congressman Robert Latta (R-OH) requested that I come to Washington, D.C. to present my findings to representatives of those groups once again.  Their representatives along with the USFW’s Chief Economist, Bryan Crosswhite with 2AO and Kelly Riddell with the Washington Times all listened to the proposal.  Kelly Riddell wrote an article about this topic that was published just after the presentation where she asked Larry Keane V.P. with the NSSF what he thought and he said “we determined this issue is not a major priority for members of our industry at this time,”.  Really??  Take a look at what those groups denied to their membership and see what you think for yourselves!!!  Below are images of the current NAICS coding and the issues we were trying to fix along with letters of support and the actual document that was presented to the NAICS ECPC Change Committee Chair John Burns Murphy.  These are provable facts and you can reproduce these documents yourselves.

Click Here for Washington Times Article –

Congressman Robert Latta (R-OH) wrote a letter of support for the NAICS coding change because he saw the need for the economic definition of the Outdoor Trade industry.  Attorney General of Ohio Mike DeWine also gave his letter of support along with almost 50 other Outdoor Trade organizations like Pheasants Forever, Southeastern Game Bird Breeders and Hunting Preserve Association and many Sportsmen and Sportswomen across the country!


Here are two examples of well defined codes from the Agriculture Sector Corn Farming and Rice Farming.  See if you can find a non related industry in these two codes then take a look further at how the Outdoor Industry is coded in the same system.  I can tell you how much money corn farming generated, How many jobs it supported and how many farmers were in operation each year!  Now try that with the Outdoor Trade!!!



Here are snapshots of the current NAICS coding for the Outdoor Trade Industry.  I believe you will see the problem very quickly.  Keep in mind if there are more than one industry types in the same code number then it is not possible to separate them for individual economic contribution to have their own economic data they are in what is called a blended code.  Every segment of the Outdoor Trade industry is in a blended code set and therefore economically invisible to everyone!!!

This is the actual code for Small Arms Ordinance and Ordinance Accessories Mfg.  Notice there are several military firearms that are blended here from Torpedo Tubes to Naval Artillery alongside BB guns, Pistols and Shotguns!


Here is where Bass Pro, Cabelas and Gander Mountain and every mom and pop sporting goods store’s jobs, revenues and businesses in operation are hidden.  Oh and lets not forget those Gun Shops that the NRA and NSSF say don’t need to be defined inside of NAICS because it is not necessary!!!  Well I bet they would disagree since they are alongside the Baseball, Football and Soccer Equipment retailers, Exercise Equipment retailers and the bicycle shops which none of which are under attack from the liberal left!!!  If we could have our industry defined properly we could defend our jobs, businesses and revenues with actual economic data yearly and not a survey done once every 5 years!!


For all you Trap Shooters, Skeet Shooters, Hunting and Fishing Guides and Outfitters out there here is the mess you are all classified in.  Nude Beaches, Ping Pong Parlors, Pool Halls, Putt Putt Golf alongside Fishing Guide Services, Hunting Guides, and Archery Ranges, Rifle and Pistol Ranges…Just take a Look for yourself the title says enough “ALL OTHER”!!!!


This is an example of why the animal rights activist can sue the government and reduce our hunting and fishing season in the name of the animals because not one congressman or senator can see any negative impact to the economics of their states!  No Jobs are visible, No businesses in operation are visible and not one penny of revenue or taxes paid to the state or federal governments can be seen from the normal means of the NAICS system.  This is the same system is how we hear the health of the Housing Market each quarter it is how we know if construction is up or down in the economy!!! This is the same system that was used by the government to see the down turn in the automotive industry where the bailout of that industry was done to save jobs all while the outdoor trade fights for our jobs each year against attacks from the liberal left!!!  The Outdoor Trade industry is completely hidden inside this system and it can be corrected but it takes industry support to get the changes adopted.

Here is the 2014 Proposal filed as Docket 17-0001 in the federal registry that the NRA, NSSF, CSF and SCI all said was not necessary to benefit their membership and wasn’t needed to document the industry because they have the USFW survey data using 3/100ths of 1% of the Sportsmen and Sportswomen in the survey results!!! 

This was written to the ECPC Chair John Burns Murphy with the Census Bureau requesting the NAICS coding for the Outdoor Trade Industry to be redefined in a way to be visible in any economic data reports and Impact studies performed!!! The USFW Chief Economist agreed with us but was not able to voice their support for the change!


If you read this far I am impressed….But the simple truth is the NAICS system is designed to give the President, Congress and the many government agencies the data needed to make good economic decisions for the nation and the health of the industries that make up this great nation!  Make America Great Again!!! God Bless!!


Scott Drummond

In 2014 the NSSF, CSF, NRA and SCI all sided with liberals to keep the Outdoor Trade Industry economically invisible!!!

ASK yourself this simple question…


Why would the NRA, NSSF, CSF and SCI opposed a simple economic industry classification change that would make every business, job and revenue/tax dollar visible in the US? 

Don’t they continually tout how big the industry is and how many BILLIONS of dollars it generates each year! Would they not want that documented properly for every person in the world to see?

Do they even know where their 90 BILLION dollar ESTIMATE comes from???


When I presented this information to those groups in a special meeting in DC in 2014 at the request of Congressman Robert Latta (R-OH and Co-Chair of the Congressional Sportsman’s Caucus) the only people in the room that agreed with my findings were the Chief Economist from the USFW who understood the short comings of the USFW survey data and Bryan Crosswhite of 2AO.  The NRA representatives left the presentation after 20 minutes and said they were not interested in documenting the economics of outdoor related jobs and businesses in the one system that was designed to do just that.  The NSSF Vice President Larry Keane said in an interview in the Washington Times this was not something their membership would benefit from and the same was said by the attendees of the CSF and SCI. Later in a phone call Jeff Crane, President of the Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation, said he liked the idea but would not support it ahead of the NSSF and NRA so I guess we can now call them the Congressional NRA Foundation or Congressional NSSF Foundation!   This NAICS coding correction would benefit every sportsmen and Outdoor Trade related business and gun owner in the US more than any other action on the law books at this time.  Including the newly singed Rec Act which only says the government will recognize it as a legitimate part of the GDP!


After the presentation was made not one of the people in the major organizations even batted an eye that the very industry and businesses that support them with every dollar they use for their budgets were invisible to the President, State and Federal governments, the public and any regulatory agency!  The NSSF lawyers stated prior to this meeting to me on  a phone call that they were afraid the new documentation would show less dollars in total than their estimates made once every 5 years!  So these organizations would rather use a Census Bureau survey that asked 11,300 people out of the 37,500,000 people that they determined hunt and fish in the US what they planned on spending next year to hunt and fish to make their ESTIMATE, instead of real hard numbers from actual economic data taken anonymously from the NAICS coding for the overall industry!  These surveys were taken in the Spring and Fall when most sportsmen are in the fields and on the waters not sitting in their houses talking to Census Bureau representatives about their future spending on hunting and fishing.

Let me break this down further. The USFW says that there are 37,500,000 sportsmen that are 16 and over in the US.  They interviewed 11, 800 of them during the spring and fall when the hard core hunters and fishermen are in the fields or on the water!  So lets do the math…

11,800/37,500,000 = .000315

.000315  x 100  = .0315% Yes that is  a little more than 3 /100ths of 1 percent..

To make this even more simple the Census Bureau is asking 3 out of every 10,000 sportsmen how much they will spend to hunt and fish next year to determining that the 99.97% will spend 90 Billion.  This is saying they trust the 3/100ths of 1 percent of the sportsmen and sportswomen sitting in their homes and not the 99.97% of the Sportsmen and Sportswomen out in the field every day actually spending their time and hard earned money hunting and fishing!  If you are still a skeptic you can do just what I did and find this data to do your own calculations.  The data is in the fine print entry section of the USFW presentation of their economic impact survey of the hunting and fishing Americans.


SO, Again I ask you what you would rather do trust 100% of the actual data acquired from the manufacturers, wholesalers, Retailers, Guides, Outfitters, Gun Ranges and other Outdoor Trade related businesses in the US or the .03% ESTIMATE that the NRA, NSSF, CSF, ASA and the other major industry organizations think is an acceptable practice???


Every State in the US and their Governors can not see a single economic benefit to Hunting, Fishing and Shooting in their states.  So when any economic ideas are being tossed around they rely on the Game and Fish to determine the actions for the hunting and fishing industry and not the actual businesses and their needs in those states!  This is why the anti’s can sue the game and fish to reduce seasons and limits and there is not a visible economic reason why these negative laws and regulations should not be done!  We are totally at the mercy of these idiotic decision and not able to see any possibility of economic devastation!  Not only would these changes make the industry visible it would also allow for better workers comp and business insurance rates, lending rates and banking programs, education programs, disaster assistance availability from SBA, economic support from State Department of Economic development and the list goes on and on!!!


 Again I ask…. Why would the NRA, NSSF, CSF and their pro outdoor industry counterparts not want the entire Outdoor Trade Industry documented in the governments economic accounting system called NAICS?  

It is obvious that the benefits to the Outdoor Trade industry is tremendous and the economic growth that would follow would recharge rural America and thus Make Rural America Great Again!!!


President Trump does not know this is even a possibility but I bet if he did he would be the first to take up this cause and get the industry the proper documentation necessary to make the Outdoor Trade Industry Great Again!!! The overall impact would go a long way to Make America Great Again!!!