Outdoor Trade

Hunting – Fishing – Shooting industry businesses are hidden inside the governments economic accounting system!


Most of you will say as some of the larger organizations have said we are an industry look how big we are!  Yes, we agree the industry is huge and it could be even larger that their ESTIMATES show.  However if you try to find this industry inside the government’s economic accounting system called NAICS you will not see a single dollar generated in revenues or taxes!  You will not see a single business in operation in the industry!  You will not see a single JOB supported by this industry!

What does this matter you might ask or you might even say we need to keep it hidden to keep them from seeing more and taxing it.

We let me explain the impacts of those points of view….

First of all when your economic data is hidden you don’t exist and therefore can be eliminated as slow and or as fast as they can get it done.  If you don’t believe me ask the Charter guides that were affected by hurricane Katrina or the ones affected by the BP oil spill that were denied SBA disaster assistance loans. You could ask the fishermen and businesses affected in the gulf region of the US when the NMFS reduced the recreational Red Snapper season from 180 days per year to just 9 days in the name of conservation when there was not a conservation issue to be seen!  The most recent ones that are being affected by the floods in Louisiana or from the hurricane that went up the east coast.  The anti’s and activists have taken the fact that were are hidden to wreck many segments of our industry year after year. and force every business in the Outdoor Trade to have to make on the fly changes every year to accommodate the various changes to their customer base or seasons

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